Sunday, August 9, 2009

Download the Soundtrack for FREE

The Graduates is going to be the first film in history to give away 1 million soundtracks...

1. Go to our Music Page...
2. Add both digital discs to your cart
3. Enter the code: GOGRADS
4. Checkout and download free soundtrack

It really is that simple. If you like it, forward this to a friend.

Here's some more info:

Why are you giving away 1 million free soundtracks?
It's simple: the music rocks. We believe once you hear the soundtrack, you'll have to see the film :)

One million sounds like a lot, how can you do it?
That's where you come in. If you forward this promo to just one friend, and they do the same, we'll reach 1 million by May 8th (the day the film will hit theaters).

We also have a couple incredible corporate sponsors, like, giving away soundtracks to people who are looking at spring break and summer vacations.

Why are the soundtracks FREE?
The short answer: we want you to have it! We want you listening to our soundtrack instead of the millions of other songs available out there. At the very least, we want a spot on your shuffle.

The longish answer: we tried some nuanced promos, we tested out things like $0.99 soundtracks, or giving away half the soundtrack, but while that was interesting to people, it just wasn't powerful.

We think those promos locked people out of the movie, because they came with a caveat- you can only have half; you can have it if you pay a little money- and those caveats would prevent people from participating in the promo.

So we decided to really go for it. Our goal is get as many people as possible to know about and eventually see The Graduates. So why not just give the soundtrack away, and make it as easy as possible for people to participate in the promo and to get to know the film.

An example of our partnership with TripSmarter:
Free Music Final Trips 2

How will you track the progress of the promo?
We want to make a big splash as the promo evolves and more people download the soundtrack, so we're in the process of creating a cool graphic that will auto-update, sort of like the thermometer you see on certain charities' websites, but maybe a little cooler :)

Check back often for updates and to see how many people have downloaded the free soundtrack.

Questions? Email us:

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