Sunday, August 9, 2009


The Graduates will have its first theatrical run in... wait for it... MARYLAND, BABY!

WHAT: The Graduates World Premiere, Maryland
WHEN: May 15th - May 20th
WHERE: R/S Hollywood Cinema 4, Arbutus, Maryland
TICKETS: Advance tickets available at the box office Monday, May 11th

Screening times:
Friday, May 15: 7pm, 9pm
Saturday, May 16: 1pm, 7pm, 9pm
Sunday, May 17: 6pm, 8pm
Mon, May 18: 8pm
Tues, May 19: 8pm
Wed, May 20: 8pm

Tickets: 8$ adults, 7$ Students

R/C Hollywood Cinema 4
5509 Oregon Ave.
Arbutus, MD 21227

Movie Line: (410) 242-1188
Right next to UMBC

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